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Dærick Gröss Sr

Dærick Gröss Sr (Daerick Gross Sr)
Printed Comicbook Art
Promotional Comicbook Art
Fantasy Illustration
Pin-Up Illustration
Cartoon Art
Miscellaneous Art and Illustration

Dærick (DW) Gröss

Dærick W Gröss (Daerick W Gross)
Graphite Illustration
Hardline Black and White Illustration
Inkwash Illustration
Ink and Dye Illustration
Gouache and Paint Illustration
Digital Artwork and Illustration
Logos, Layout, and Design

Murciélaga, She-Bat

Murciélaga, She-Bat: America's Foremost Latin Heroine
Murciélaga, She-Bat Biography Page
Murciélaga, She-Bat History and Appearances in Comics
Murciélaga, She-Bat Promotional Video
Murciélaga, She-Bat Image Gallery
Murciélaga, She-Bat Appearance - RoboWarriors 3
Murciélaga, She-Bat Appearance - RoboWarriors 6
Murciélaga, She-Bat Appearance - RoboWarriors 7
Murciélaga, She-Bat Appearance - RoboWarriors 8
Murciélaga, She-Bat Appearance - KungFuWarriors 10
Murciélaga, She-Bat Appearance - KungFuWarriors 12

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