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Inkwash is DW's preferred technique when working in black and white. Not only does this allow for a greater control over shadow and contrast, as a medium he finds it just more fun to play with. It allows for a greater range of possibilities for such elements as mood and light. While many artists today produce similar work digitally, DW still prefers to work manually when it comes to this medium both due to personal enjoyment and the quality of the textures from the ink on the board.

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DW Gross Inkwash Illustration DW Gross Inkwash Illustration DW Gross Inkwash Illustration DW Gross Inkwash Illustration
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The first image above is closing piece for a game publication from the early 2000s and is a prime example of DW's wet-on-wet wash technique. The second image is from the same publication and is more representative of his dry-application grey tones. The next two images above are from a noir-themed game book from the mid 2000s. The period theme allowed for strong use of light and composition.

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