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DW's ink and dye illustration technique was independently developed based on a more classical painting technique where the base values are laid down first and colors are glazed over in layers. For this style DW paints the entire piece once in just inks, laying in the values (darks and lights) as the underpainting. Typically he will use a combination of black inks and sepia and umber tones. Once the under layers are done, he will paint the piece again with bright intense color dyes which stain the board and give the piece a strong sense of light and color. Sometimes an extra ink layer is placed over the top to reinforce very dark area and help pop out specific details.

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DW Gross Ink and Dye Illustration DW Gross Ink and Dye Illustration DW Gross Ink and Dye Illustration DW Gross Ink and Dye Illustration
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DW has found his biggest use for this technique has been in both the fantasy card game industry and in comic books. The first three images above come from collector card games from the early 2000s. Clicking these images will show the full-size image which is approximately the size of the actual art, as compared to the final publication size which is smaller than the display of these thumbnails above. The fourth image is a comic book cover for one of Studio G's own publications. DW's approach to the comic art and coloring for this series was to take a traditional manual approach as a nod to the silver age comics that helped inspire the look and feel of the series.

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