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Daerick W (DW) GrossDÆRICK (DW) GRÖSS

Dærick (DW) Gröss specializes in manual illustration media, but also works digitally as needed. The galleries below display a selection of his work, designed to give an idea of his skills in various media. Due to a fire that destroyed Studio G in 2001, much of his existing portfolio prior to that date no longer exists.

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The following galleries are categorized by media, except Design which is a collection of graphic design pieces for logos and layouts.
DW Gross graphite gallery DW Gross hardline ink gallery DW Gross inkwash gallery DW Gross ink and dye gallery DW Gross gouache paint gallery DW Gross digital gallery DW Gross design gallery

DW has been working as a commercial illustrator since 1993, focusing primarily on the Comics and Gaming industries. He has worked as Production Artist, Project Manager, and Art Director. In his tenure at Studio G, DW has personally overseen the production and publication of two comic book mini-series as well as worked as the Studio's Creative Director, coordinating the various contributing talent and vendors for the Studio's active projects.

Currently he is focusing on development and production for his own online superhero comics offering, slated for release in early 2010.


The following is a selection of the clients DW has worked with over a fifteen year period:

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)
Cappuccino Insurance Agency
Eden Studios
Edge Of Midnight Press
Hearing and Balance Institute of the Rockies
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
Mayfair Games
Rodale Publishing
Sarnat and Associates
SEO Cipher
Sovereign Stone
Third World Games
Valley Sports Arena
Z-Man Games

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